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* Welcome guests all year round.

* Accommodation at attractive prices.
* Discounts for large groups and children.
* We offer accommodation in rooms with bathrooms and TV and made available are available to guests, in isolation may be facing two-story apartment house with a bathroom fridge, TV and kitchenette and a room with a fireplace.
* Additional attractions:
* volleyball, basketball and football
* ping-pongowy
* swimming at several lakes
* the grill and place on the fireplace with a crane for grilling
* Horse riding, pony, the ability to catch fish
* Beautiful extensive bike trails, canoeing and hiking.
* Far from the tumult and the urban crowd.
* An excellent starting point for mushrooming and fish.
* Peace and quiet, the possibility of direct contact with nature will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.
* Organic food, its own delicatessen products, dairy products and pastry.
* Attractive prices for accommodation. Discounts for longer stays, for larger groups and children.

:Price of accommodation to be arranged
3os separate holiday apartments. and 4os, bathroom, kitchen, TV ...

:Full board: 14 EU


Contact  Phone
+48 605 947 974

E-mail: agroturystyka@ciche.pl



Geographic region Polish Torun - Masuria, Lakeland Brodnica, Brodnica - New Town Lubawskie - Górzno.

Agrotourism Brodnica Zbiczno Bachotek Two Landscape Parks with an ideal base for accommodation and welcome year-round resort on the edge of two province: kujawsko-pomorskiego_warmińsko Mazury.
An excellent base for all who enjoy walking, cycling and car trips to interesting places geographically and historically, in particular, that the facility is located on Lakeland Brodnica, two parks - Brodnicki Landscape Park-and Górznieńsko Lidzbarski Landscape Park, nature reserves and several tens of natural monuments
Agroturistic label. Big house, detached garage, at home orchard, garden, plenty of greenery and flowers, and around the forests and lakes. Guests have a separate, independent entrance to their rooms and two apartments for disabled people, available to a large terrace in the garden is a wooden gazebo, hammock, a campfire, surrounded by benches with large logs. Large area for running and games for children, and more. Here you can stay calm and quiet in czsie. Within the year-round recreation available to 5 rooms (3-5 sleeping places), each has a private bathroom, large kitchen and meals on request. In the dining room, the room is a fireplace. In addition, you can enjoy horseback riding and all the holding and the better half of fish in the pond. Atmosphere here is calm, quiet, freedom (no neighbors). Around the house, a large area of fields and meadows, surrounded by forests and lakes. You may encounter deer, wild boars, hares, foxes and many other animals. (winter hare, deer come to the orchard for apples). When you sleep with the windows open in the morning instead of the alarm clock wakes us up singing birds and cranes Gongola River. You can use 1 or 3 meals a day (meals tailored to the needs of guests, always healthy, tasty, organic and prepared at home, according to traditional recipes. We encourage you to help feed the animals, work in the garden, hay, etc. Domestic animals include: horses (familiarization saddle rides and sleigh rides), ponies, goats, guinea pigs, cows, calves and other..
Small town surrounded by forests and lakes, some ten. If you want to relax ecologically healthy, Medical spa is a welcome and stress in Brodnicki Landscape Park, located in the Lake District Brodnickie
The climate is extremely conducive to rest and medical spa. Characterized by the splendidly clean, fresh air and peace and quiet, where people live in harmony with nature, which requital their wealth. Undeniable merit of resting on the Lake is a soothing calm Brodnica clouded only by singing birds, croaking frogs, storks clatter, the sound of cranes and feeding of beavers, deer walking and other domesticated wild animals, a dozen in the area of nature reserves with rare vegetation, such as insectivorous sundew, cotton-grass, red mud. There are bike trails, hiking, water for canoeing. Numerous monuments of the centuries of nature, as well as museums, open air museums of agricultural machinery, historic buildings.
In a nearby village, you can see traces of settlement discovered ten thousand years. Brodnica above and adjacent to the castle ruins Drwęca pokrzyżacka tower dominates the area there are many castles and palaces, in which like every year there are knights fighting.


Phone : +48 603 212 614 / +48 605 947 974

E-mail: mailto: agroturystyka@ciche.pl

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